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RFID E- Container Seal Manufacturer And Vendor In India - Klik e-Seal

High Security RFID Container Seal

Just like you would lock the door to your house to protect your personal possessions, import/export containers must be secured and locked to prevent unauthorised access and tampering with the items contained therein while on their journey to the destination.

Klik's Container Seal is a high security bolt seal that is ISO 17712:2013 (E) compliant and manufactured for high-value ISO container cargo shipments. For enhanced security, the plastic coated bolt and locking bush are laser marked with identical sequential numbers. When the bolt is locked, it rotates freely to ensure the seal's integrity.

Our RFID E-SEAL is intended for exporters who qualify for self-sealing in order to optimise customs operations and save transit time. These high security container seals satisfy all of the relevant criteria, allowing you to gain direct port entrance and enjoy minimal cargo examination at Indian ports. Their tamper-evident design and high-tech functionality have been created to fulfil all of your sealing needs.