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RFID E-seal

Why KLIK E-Seal !

>>  Over 7 years of experience deploying RFID solutions.

>>  Conforming to ISO 17712:2013 Clauses 4, 5, & 6.

>>  Conforms to ISO 18000-6 Class1 Gen2.

>>  E-Seal cannot be twisted/rotated by hand after locking.

>>  Unique packaging for easy and error-free handling and bolting of seal.

>>  RFID Reader-Scanners are available across Indian ports.

>>  Dedicated help desk to provide telephonic and online support to Clients.

>>  The mechanical and electronic operation of SEAL is 100% quality checked.

>>  Approved by THE (CBIC) Central Board Of Indirect TAXES & CUSTOMS.

Accelerating The Security Revolution

Our RFID E-SEAL is designed for exporters qualifying self sealing for exports to optimize customs processes and reduce transit time. These SEALS meet all of the necessary standards, allowing you to gain direct port entry and enjoy reduced cargo examination at Indian ports. Their tamper-evident design and high-tech functionality have been built to meet all of your sealing requirements.
We will provide scanner, reader, software and analytics to support your supply chain management system. This will enable you to track your shipments with real time updates from your business premises to the port gate.

Speedy transit and inspection

Customs processes - optimized

Track and Trace shipment status

Protect assets from fraud and theft

Technical Specification :

Material: Produced from carbon steel and plastic moulded with engineering grade plastic polymer. Non-rust zinc chromate finish.
Characteristics: RFID E-Seal for self sealing of export containers. E-Seal is as per ISO PAS 17712 : 2013. Avail of Direct Port Entry and enjoy reduced cargo examination at Indian ports. Products comply to Customs circular.
Dimensions: Locking Pin: Length = 75mm, Shaft Diameter = 9.5mm, Head Diameter = 24mm. Locking Body: Length = 68mm, Diameter = 24mm.
Printing/ Logo: Visible and durable logo/ name printing can be done via laser marking.
Serialisation: QR code, Barcode or Sequentially numbered seal shall be supplied.
Application: Ideal for self-sealing export containers.
Colours Available: Milky White / Fluorescent Green with transparent casing.
Packing/ Transport: Strong corrugated cartons.

Our RFID E-SEAL is highly durable, secure and tamper-proof

We have a team with diverse pool of experience who are capable of innovative solutions based on customized technology that are well suited to our client’s requirements.


The Central Board of Excise & Customs has allowed exporters the facility of self-sealing containers at their own premises subject to the condition that they use electronic SEAL(circular number 26/2017, 36/2017, 37/2017,41/2017, 44/2017 & 51/2017). This system has replaced the earlier procedure where exporters had the facility for requesting an officer of Central Excise Dept. to be present at their premises at the time of stuffing a container and having it sealed using a one- time mechanical bolt seal. This procedure permitted export of goods without any examination at the port.
The specifications of SEAL to be used under the new self-sealing procedure has been prescribed under circular 26/2017, 36/2017, 37/2017,41/2017, 44/2017 & 51/2017. The specification of the seal reproduced below The RFID seal shall conform to ISO 17712:2013 (H) and ISO/IEC 18000-6 Class 1 Gen 2 which is globally accepted in industrial applications and can be read with the use of UHF (i.e. 860 MHz to 960 MHz) Reader-Scanners. The manufacturer or vendor, as the case may be, shall be in possession of certifications required for conformance of the ISO standard ISO 17712:2013 (H) namely, clauses 4, 5 and 6″Under this procedure exporters are required to purchase RFID SEAL conforming to the above standards directly from vendors. KLIK E-Seal conform to this standard.
CBEC has permitted automatic self-sealing facility to four categories of exporters: (a) All Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs) (b) All Exporters who were already enjoying self-sealing permission (c) All Exporters who have been availing the facility of sealing in the presence of a central excise officer. (d) Status Holders recognized by DGFT holding a valid status holder certificate All other exporters are also eligible for this facility provided they seek permission from their jurisdictional customs office. An officer of the Customs Dept. will visit the exporter’s premises for verification as a part of the process of allowing permission for self-sealing. The Dept. has made a performance pledge to decide on your application for self-sealing within 15 days. We strongly urge all exporters to seek this permission and avail the facility of self-sealing. An Exporter shall be able avoid examination at CFS and straight away save thousands of rupees and time.
KLIK E-Seal and the KLIK E-Seal App have been customized to meet the requirements of the new customs procedure prescribed under circular numbers 26/2017, 36/2017, 37/2017,41/2017, 44/2017 & 51/2017. Each seal comes with a laser engraved serial number as prescribed by the CBEC in the format KLIK12345678, which you will be uploading in the online shipping bill as well as on the KLIK E-Seal App. The KLIK E-Seal App is enabled for you to upload shipment data as required by para 4(a) of the circular 36/2017. Our customized KLIK E-Seal Reader will scan the seal and verify its authenticity by giving a message on the reader’s screen. To enjoy this highly automated system, you have to just register on the KLIK E-Seal website and provide your IEC number and other identifying particulars (please refer to para 2(e) of Circular 36/2017 dated 28.8.2017). The data you provide serves two purposes. Firstly, it is part of the security drill put in place by customs to ensure that exporters procure SEAL directly and “chain of custody” is visible. Secondly, the data gathered at the time of registration enables you use the web application with many of the required fields being auto-populated. Please be rest assured that we maintain highest global standards in data privacy
Once you have completed the registration form, you can click on shop now and securely purchase the SEAL online. The date for registration and online purchases will be communicated very soon on your email, registered mobile number and on the website.
RFID KLIK E-Seal comes in boxes of 10 Seal . For a single order of 10 pieces or more, we have special offers and you should contact us on
KLIK E-Seal is designed like the conventional bolt seal (bottle seal) so as to give the same experience and ease of sealing a container, which your logistics team has been accustomed to. Just push the bolt into the cap and you are done!
Product Quality

100% quality check on mechanical and electronic working of Seal to meet Indian and International standards

24 x 7 Premier Support

24 x 7 Help desk with telephonic and online support

Approved By

Klik E-Seal is approved by (CBIC) Central Board Of Indirect Taxes And Customs