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RFID Bolt Seal

RFID Container Seal

The RFID Bolt Seal is a custom approved high-security seal with automatic identification capabilities, featuring tamper-evident properties and compatibility with RFID systems for efficient tracking and security


The Bolt Seal is a one time use secuirty seal. It provides robust security solution for safeguarding shipments, offering tamper-proof features and reliable protection for containers and vehicles during transit

Hexagonal Cabel Seal

Cable Seal Hexagonal

The Hexagonal Cable Seal is a durable security seal with a metal cable and adjustable hexagonal head, providing tamper-proof protection for various applications

Aluminium Cabel Seal

Aluminum Alloy cable seal

The Aluminium Cable Seal is a secure solution for sealing items, featuring a strong aluminium construction and a cable mechanism for enhanced security and tamper resistance.

Meter Seal

Meter Seal

The Meter Seal is a high-quality security seal designed for electric meters, offering tamper-proof features, durable materials, and the ability to withstand various temperatures, ensuring the security and integrity of meters.


Metal Seal

The Metal Seal is a durable security solution made of metal, offering high strength and tamper-evident features for securing containers and shipments effectively.

Padlock Seal

Padlock Seal

The Padlock Seal is a versatile security seal with unique identification numbers, ideal for low-security applications, key tracking, and tamper-evident purposes in various industries.


High Security Barrier Seal

The Barrier Seal is a robust security seal designed to prevent unauthorized access to containers and trailers, featuring a barrier mechanism for enhanced protection during transit.


Plastic Seal

The Plastic Seal is a cost-effective security solution made of durable plastic, providing tamper-proof features and reliable protection for securing items like bags, containers, and equipment.


GSP Electronic Lock, an innovative security device with GPS tracking, monitors and controls shipments in real time, ensuring safe transportation and efficient logistics management.

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