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Leveraging our comprehensive in-house capabilities in design, engineering, and manufacturing, Klik e-Seal is recognized as a top security seal manufacturer, supplying high-quality Container Seal and RFID bolt seals. Major global players in the shipping and logistics industries have faith in our products, which are completely designed and produced in accordance with rigorous European standards. Klik e-Seal stays ahead of global market expectations by providing the most secure and dependable advanced RFID identification and security solutions, in response to the increasing global demand for such solutions.

RFID Solutions

RFID Container Seal
RFID Bolt Seal

Combining electronic and mechanical security features, an RFID bolt seal is a tamper-evident, high-security device that guarantees the integrity of containers during transit.

Cable Seal

Hexagonal Cable Seal
Hexagonal Cable

A sturdy cable enclosure comprised of a hexagonal locknut constructed from stainless steel that ensures the cable is securely fastened.

Aluminum Alloy Cable Seal
Aluminum Alloy Cable Seal

A secure, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant cable seal made of aluminium, designed for strain relief and electrical connection.

Polypropylene Cable Seal
Polypropylene Cable Seal

Durable and flexible, ensuring secure cargo protection in various applications.

A high-security bolt seal that guarantees the integrity of containers and cargo while in transit by providing tamper detection and visible evidence of interference.


Other Security Solutions

High Security Barrier Seal
Barrier Seal

A variety of applications employ this type of seal to detect and prevent tampering, including securing utility meters, containers, and rugs.

Metal Seal
Metal Seal

Extreme situations necessitate a versatile sealing solution like the metal seal. To suit many uses, it comes in different types.

Padlock Seal
Padlock Seal

A securing mechanism that is tamper-evident and serves to protect valuable items in a vehicle, room, cabinet, or other storage facility.

Meter Seal
Meter Seal

A specialized variety of seal utilized to protect gas, electric, and water meters. These seals exhibit a transparent indication of interference.

Plastic Seal
Plastic Seal

A plastic tamper-evident lock that is offered in adjustable or fixed-length configurations, it is a cost-effective alternative.

GPS Solutions

GPS Smart Electronic Lock

It is a powerful asset management monitoring lock device with GPS and GSM modules for tracking positions in real time.

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