Barrier Seal

Barrier Seal — your ultimate solution for safeguarding cargo during transportation in containers or trailers. The barrier seal stands as a formidable guardian against tampering, eliminating concerns with its robust design. Forget worries about unauthorized access; removal requires an electric cutting device or the designated key, ensuring utmost security.

Our seal is not just any seal; it’s a High-Security Seal compliant with ISO 17712 standards and C-TPAT regulations. Designed to fit all ISO container types, this seal comes with a barcode for easy identification, making it a versatile choice for your cargo protection needs.

ISO 17712 Compliant
Tamper Proof

Featuring a heavy padlock equipped with three keys, our barrier seal ensures an extra layer of security. This drill-free, heavy-duty padlock is crafted from surface-hardened steel, guaranteeing durability and resistance against tampering. Worried about the environmental impact? No need. Our seal is reusable, offering a sustainable solution for securing your goods.

Explore the range with the included heavy keylock or opt for it without the keylock—the choice is yours. Secure your import/export goods globally, confident that this seal will continue to function, providing reliable protection for your valuable cargo. Choose a product that goes beyond expectations—choose the Barrier Seal for unparalleled security and peace of mind.

Barrier Seal - Technical Specification


Crafted from surface-hardened steel, our barrier seal ensures durability and resistance. With a unique design, it provides not just security but also eco-friendly, sustainable cargo protection.


a tamper-proof solution for safeguarding cargo with ISO 17712 compliance. This heavy-duty, reusable seal offers unmatched security, featuring a drill-free design for added protection.


Galvanised steel


ISO PAS 17712

Printing/ Logo

Lasergraved Sequential numbering and barcode Logo, name
High Security Barrier Seal


Width: 35 mm (1″ 3/8″) Length: 480 mm (18″ 57/64″)


3 keys/PadLock keyed alike possible master key possible

Packing/ Transport

Strong corrugated cartons.


With lock | Without Lock

Exceptional Security: Barrier Seal sets the standard for cargo protection with its exceptional security features. Whether transporting goods in containers or trailers, this seal guarantees tamper-evident protection, eliminating unauthorized access concerns. Rest easy knowing your cargo is shielded by a top-tier security solution.

Global Compliance: Compliant with ISO 17712 standards and C-TPAT regulations, it is designed for seamless global trade. Its universal application on all ISO container types ensures compatibility, making it an ideal choice for securing import/export goods worldwide. Trust in a barrier seal that meets international standards for heightened security.

User-Friendly Design: Our barrier seal not only prioritizes security but also offers user-friendly features. The inclusion of a barcode (Barcode 128) simplifies identification, streamlining logistics processes. The heavy padlock, equipped with three keys, ensures easy and controlled access. Choose a security solution that combines robust protection with user convenience.

Barrier Seal: Elevating Security, Empowering Logistics.

Barrier Seal, Pioneering the Future of Cargo Protection. Embrace a new era of sustainable, innovative security for your shipments.

Customise Our Container Seal

Do you know, you can customise our container seals based on your business requirements?

The barrier Seal is a top-tier choice due to its tamper-proof design, global compliance, and heavy-duty reliability.

The barrier seal eliminates tampering concerns by requiring removal with an electric cutting device or the designated key.

ISO 17712 compliance and C-TPAT certification ensure that our barrier seal meets international security standards for seamless global trade.

Yes, our barrier seal is designed to be universally applicable, fitting all ISO container types for versatile cargo protection.

The inclusion of Barcode 128 simplifies cargo identification, streamlining logistics processes for efficient tracking.

Absolutely, our barrier seal is crafted for sustainability, offering a reusable solution for securing your shipments.

The barrier seal is crafted from surface-hardened galvanised steel, ensuring durability and resistance against tampering.

The heavy padlock comes with three system keys, providing controlled access for enhanced security.

Yes, we offer the Barrier Seal without the keylock for those seeking a specific configuration based on their security needs.