Cable Seal Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy Cable Seal – a symbol of strength and reliability. Crafted with precision using high-quality steel and aluminum alloy, our seals redefine cargo protection with a focus on durability and tamper resistance.

Our Aluminum Alloy Cable Seal boasts an array of unmatched features. From its tamper-evident assurance to an adjustable cable length for versatile applications, it stands as a testament to innovation. The inclusion of anti-spin technology, weather-resistant design, and compliance with ISO 17712 and C-TPAT standards further underline its adaptability and global security compliance.

Widely used in containers, doors, trucks, instruments, and meters, our cable seal caters to diverse industry needs. Its lightweight yet robust build ensures it’s not just a security measure but a reliable partner in safeguarding your valuable cargo throughout its journey. The user-friendly application and sequential numbering add to the ease of use and efficient tracking.

Aluminum Alloy cable seal
Global Versatility
Tamper Proof
Customisable Length
Cost-Effective Security

Aluminum Alloy Cable Seal - Technical Specification


Aluminium alloy, Steel wire


ISO9001,ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO17712, CE, SGS

Printing & Content

Laser Print
Barcode, Logo, Numbers, Text, etc.
Aluminum Alloy Cable Seal


Wire Length : 33.5cm or customized
Width: 4.1 cm
Length: 33.5 cm

Industry Application

Logistics, Truck, Container, Chemical Industry, etc.

Packing/ Transport

Strong corrugated cartons.



With a logo, laser-printed or hot-pressed for your company, sequential numbers, QR codes, and barcodes, our Aluminum Alloy Cable Seal is not just a security solution; it’s a branding opportunity. Experience the confidence that comes with robust tamper resistance, global compliance, and cost-effective innovation. Choose our Aluminum Alloy Cable Seal – your gateway to secure and confident cargo transportation.

Experience the power of lightweight durability with our Aluminum Alloy Cable Seal

Customise Our Container Seal

Do you know, you can customise our container seals based on your business requirements?

Our cable seal boasts a durable aluminum alloy build, ensuring robust tamper resistance and making it a stalwart guardian for various applications.

Absolutely, the seal features an adjustable cable length, offering versatility for securing containers, doors, trucks, instruments, and meters.

Anti-spin technology inhibits unauthorized rotation, adding an extra layer of security to prevent tampering attempts, particularly in dynamic transportation scenarios.

Widely utilized in containers, doors, trucks, instruments, and meters, our cable seal caters to the security needs of diverse industries seeking reliable cargo protection.

The seal is engineered for lightweight yet robust performance, ensuring durability while remaining user-friendly. This design choice allows for efficient tracking and cost-effective security solutions.