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Just like you would lock the door to your house to protect your personal possessions, import/export containers must be secured and locked to prevent unauthorised access and tampering with the items contained therein while on their journey to the destination.

Security Seals are specifically designed for securing high-value ISO container cargo shipments.

Our Container Seal is a high-security bolt seal that is ISO 17712:2013 (E) compliant and manufactured for high-value ISO container cargo shipments. For enhanced security, the plastic coated bolt and locking bush are laser marked with identical sequential numbers. When the bolt is locked, it rotates freely to ensure the seal's integrity.

Our RFID E-SEAL is intended for exporters who qualify for self-sealing in order to optimise customs operations and save transit time. These high security container seals satisfy all of the relevant criteria, allowing you to gain direct port entrance and enjoy minimal cargo examination at Indian ports. Their tamper-evident design and high-tech functionality have been created to fulfil all of your sealing needs.

Technical Specification
Our RFID E-SEAL is designed for exporters qualifying self sealing for exports to optimize customs processes and reduce transit time. These SEALS meet all of the necessary standards, allowing you to gain direct port entry and enjoy reduced cargo examination at Indian ports. Their tamper-evident design and high-tech functionality have been built to meet all of your sealing requirements.
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Produced from carbon steel and plastic moulded with engineering grade plastic polymer. Non-rust zinc chromate finish.

RFID E-Seal for self sealing of export containers. E-Seal is as per ISO PAS 17712 : 2013. Avail of Direct Port Entry and enjoy reduced cargo examination at Indian ports. Products comply with Customs circular.
Locking Pin: Length = 75mm, Shaft Diameter = 9.5mm, Head Diameter = 24mm. Locking Body: Length = 68mm, Diameter = 24mm.
Visible and durable logo/ name printing can be done via laser marking.

QR code, Barcode or Sequentially numbered seal shall be supplied.

Ideal for self-sealing export containers.

Milky White / Fluorescent Green with transparent casing.

Strong corrugated cartons.
Accelerating The Security Revolution- Container Seal
We provide scanner, reader, software and analytics to support your supply chain management system. This will enable you to track your shipments with real time updates from your business premises to the port gate.

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We understand the critical importance of protecting your assets and guaranteeing the integrity of your supply chain at Klik Seal. We take pride in supplying a complete range of high-quality security seals developed to fulfill the different needs of industries globally as a leading source of cutting-edge security solutions.

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Our dedication to security is shown in our wide range of security seals, each precisely created to provide unsurpassed protection. Whether you’re looking to secure containers, merchandise, or sensitive information, Klik Seal offers the solution for you.


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At the heart of our offers is the term “security seal,” a broad term that encompasses a wide range of solutions that improve safety and prevent unwanted access. Klik Seal understands the need of offering a comprehensive security experience, which is why we expand our expertise to a variety:

Tamper-Evident Seals: Tamper-evident seals are a cornerstone of our security solutions, ensuring that any interference with your assets is immediately obvious. These seals serve as a visible deterrent, discouraging prospective attackers and building trust in the integrity of your goods.

Cargo Seals: Our cargo seals are specifically developed for securing cargo during transit and provide strong protection against tampering and theft. With Klik Seal, you can be confident that your items will arrive intact and secure.

Container Seals: Our container seals add an extra layer of security to sectors that rely on containerized goods. These seals, designed to resist the rigours of transportation, provide peace of mind and ensure the contents remain unspoiled until delivery.

Security Labels: Security labels are an important aspect of our services that go beyond physical barriers. These labels serve as a visible indicator of any unauthorized access attempts, allowing potential security breaches to be identified quickly.

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Our continuous commitment to quality distinguishes Klik Seal. Every security seal we give is rigorously tested to ensure that it meets the highest industry requirements. Our mission is to provide businesses with security solutions that not only meet but surpass their expectations.

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Recognizing that each industry faces distinct security concerns, we provide customized solutions for industries ranging from logistics and transportation to healthcare and beyond. Klik Seal is your dependable partner in maintaining the security of your valuables, regardless of industry.

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