Cable Seal Hexagonal

Hexagonal Cable Seal crafted with head materials including aluminum, zinc alloy, and ABS plastic, paired with stainless steel or Q235A wire, our seal ensures Hexagonal Edge Security for tamper-proof protection.

Featuring a tension type construction and an adjustable cable length of 12″, our seal guarantees Tamper-Evident Assurance and efficient sequential tracking. With ISO 17712 & C-TPAT Compliance, anti-spin technology, and durable advanced materials, our Hexagonal Cable Seal stands as a cost-effective innovation.

Cable Seal Hexagonal
Global Compliance
Tamper Proof
Adjustable Length
Efficient Tracking
Durable Innovation

Hexagonal Cable Seal - Technical Specification


head: aluminium, zinc alloy, ABS plastic wire: stainless steel, Q235A


ISO PAS 17712

Printing & Content

Laser Print and Hot Stamped
Company Logo, Numbers, Barcode
Hexagonal Cable Seal


Cable Dia: 1.0 mm or 1.8 mm Cable Length: 12"

Industry Application

Containers Doors Trucks Instruments Meters

Packing/ Transport

Strong corrugated cartons.


Yellow, Green, Red, Orange

Perfect for securing containers, doors, trucks, instruments, and meters, our seal’s laser-printed marking content includes your company logo or name, sequential numbers, and optional barcode decoration. Invest in top-tier tamper resistance, efficient tracking, and global compliance with our Hexagonal Cable Seal.

Customise Our Container Seal

Do you know, you can customise our container seals based on your business requirements?

The Hexagonal Cable Seal stands out due to its innovative hexagonal edge design, providing an extra layer of tamper resistance for cargo protection.

Extremely versatile, the seal is suitable for securing containers, doors, trucks, instruments, and meters, offering a wide range of applications.

Yes, the Hexagonal Cable Seal features an adjustable cable length of 12 inches, providing flexibility to accommodate various cargo sizes.

The anti-spin technology prevents tampering attempts by inhibiting unauthorized rotation, adding an additional layer of security to the sealing process.

The inclusion of Barcode 128 simplifies cargo identification, streamlining logistics processes for efficient tracking.